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Assistance Available

Depending on the occasion, Anna can arrange congratulatory messages from either the Prime Minister, Governor-General or The Queen for anyone who is celebrating a significant milestone such as a 90th birthday or a 50th wedding anniversary. 

The Prime Minister will send a message of congratulations to people turning 90 years of age or more and The Queen and Governor-General will send a message on a 100th birthday. On request, the Prime Minister and the Governor-General will write again every year and The Queen will write again on the 105th and subsequent birthdays.

The Prime Minister and Governor-General send messages to couples celebrating 50 years of marriage and subsequent wedding anniversaries. The Queen will send messages to couples celebrating their 60th, 65th, 70th and subsequent wedding anniversaries.

If you or someone close to you is celebrating one of these happy occasions, you can request a message by contacting Anna or calling the office on 9802 0566.

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